Bob Miller ("Farmer Bob")

Bob Miller has over 40 years of farming experience, beginning on his family farm in Kansas.

Bob’s passion for tasty, nutritious vegetables and herbs has led him away from field corn and to sweet corn. He now enjoys his “retirement” by running On the Vine Urban Market farm.

Debi Miller ("the Farmer's Wife")

Hailing from Oklahoma, Debi Miller may be best known around the farm simply as “The Farmer’s Wife”.

Debi’s enthusiasm for fresh farm produce is best shown in her delicious recipes and beautiful bouquets. You can get a taste of what’s cooking in her kitchen by checking out the Recipes tab.

Gus the Farm Dog (Official Greeter)

Gus is our very friendly, laid back, farm dog. He will greet you as you arrive, then sit down under the tree while you shop.

He can be seen riding the tractor at times, or nibbling an ear of corn by the shed. This Aussie/Heeler mix rescue dog has become our mascot, and a favorite of our customers!