Common Questions

How long is your season?

We start our season in May – when the asparagus is at its prime, and continue through October.
Our market is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm. We are also open Sundays in October for the pumpkin crowds.


What if I want bulk orders for canning or preserving?

You may pre-order when you are planning canning or preserving, and we will make sure your produce is fresh and ready.


Do you attend any community farmers’ markets?

We have our own urban farm market, so we do not attend any outside farmers’ markets. Our convenient location allows us to have a farm stand right at the farm which means fresher produce and flowers for you and less packing/driving time for us, helping us keep our prices down.
Our onsite produce market is generally open 10 am – 6 pm Tuesday-Saturday, with our hours extending in October.


What else can I get from you besides vegetables and herbs?

Flower bouquets
Free-range eggs

Can I order flowers for a special occasion?

Fresh flowers are always perfect for any occasion. We typically have blooms June through September, and the varieties change throughout the summer. Our dahlias are at their peak August to first hard freeze. We welcome special orders, and would love to have you come by the farm and hand select your favorites!