Farm Slideshow

Enjoy a virtual tour of our farm and the folks who make it happen.

GarlicWeeding GarlicWeeding GarlicPumpkin PatchSweet CornBerry PickingBob and Debi MillerThe Farmer's Wife DahliasPumpkin Hauling with an Impressive CounterweightPumpkin CorralThank Yous from Johnson ElementaryPumpkin PatchValentine Visiting BobFrost-Affected Sweet CornFrost-Affected OkraPumpkin Plants after a FrostFrost-Affected Melon PlantsCanned Whole TomatoesTara and her Pumpkins!Twilight OnionMelons in the MorningPie PeachesMixed Greens SeedsLoaded Pollen Legs Corn SmutCherokee PurplePollinating the CornKids, Calm as Can BeGourds!Honey Bees Swarming the Sweet CornFlowersPicklers VS. SlicersThe Beginnings of CucumbersAll Three Colors!Market Set UpFirst Decent Pick of the SeasonDahlia in BloomWatermelon Vines Displaying the Weather Conditions over the SeasonBaby Watermelon -- Not yet readyRed, White, and....Yellow?And so it begins....First dozen+ tomatoes of 2014!Bob's garlic harvester saved us so much time and work!New life all around. What great heads!Clean first plantings make me proud. Budding AsparagusHappy Spring! Garlic is sprouting!Premium Seed GarlicOTV LOGOMini PumpkinsHeirloom TomatoesGarlic